Speaking Topics

Jennifer is a profound and passionate speaker on educational policy and an educational strategist. She is passionate about K-20 public and private education and speaks on macro- and micro- policy development, implementation, strategic planning and development, and integrating inclusiveness and democratic ideals to achieve the best outcomes for parents, students, educators, administrators, and within the community.

Jennifer speaks to corporations, federal, state, and locals governments, colleges/universities, K-12 schools, scholars, administrators, teachers, parents, and students on any of the following topics:

  • Educational history in the U.S. - Early America through Present
  • Educational policy through a historical lens to understand both macro- and micro- policy development,¬†implementation, and strategic narratives
  • Social justice-based education policy development
  • Democratic ideals in education
  • Historical trends and outlooks of education
  • Development and integration of inclusive-based policies and practices; equity and access
  • Civic and political engagement and discourse of students
  • Financial literacy and digital literacy
  • Catholic education in America from ~1870-Present
  • Territorial education policies in Arizona (1863-1912)

As a veteran, Jennifer also speaks on issues in the military community.

  • Leadership
  • LGBT topics
  • Inclusive practices and policies in the military
  • Understanding veteran and active duty issues
  • Capacity-building

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